Memorable Wedding Celebrations is primarily an officiating service to perform wedding ceremonies. We also offer the following services to assist couples with their wedding celebration.


Traditional and/or Contemporary Religious or Semi-Religious
Non-denominational or Interfaith
Contemporary Non-Religious
Private / Elopement
Blended Family
Vow Renewal


Our consultation time together is a great way to share a cup of coffee and get to one another. I am able to listen to your desires and dreams of what you have envisioned your ceremony will look like. Every couple is unique and this time together helps me to provide suggestions, options, and resources for the style or tone of ceremony you desire. My desire is to share with you the simple, enjoyable, and stress-free process I have created to help you create your own personal & unique ceremony. It provides a time for you to get to know me and experience my personality and ask any questions or concerns you might have. Once you have determined that I would be a good fit for your celebration, I will give you user-friendly resources to help you create your own personal ceremony.

Your ceremony should reflect your personalities and what you desire to share with one another during your ceremony. I will be available to assist and communicate with you at all times prior to your ceremony by email, phone, or text. We can also discuss whether or not I or my rehearsal assistant will be needed if you are having a rehearsal. Each wedding celebration is different because each couple is different. I want each couple to understand that I am flexible and passionate about helping them to create a ceremony and celebration that is unique to them and not just a copy of other ceremonies. I will also help answer questions you have about securing your wedding license. I truly enjoy this consultation time with new couples since it provides me the opportunity to get to meet people I might not have had the chance to meet by any other means.


MWC does not require couples to receive or attend any pre-marital courses or counseling. If a couple desires to do so that is their choice. Couples have numerous excellent courses and resources available to them. MWC offers one resource called Zoescore. Zoe is simple, comprehensive, unique, and valuable research-based approach to help you prepare for marriage. Because it is Internet-based, it is available when and where you want to use it. Zoe covers 16 critical areas that affect every marriage. Each bride and groom answers questions separately that are designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. Feedback is specific to your relationship and user-friendly summaries help to improve all aspects of your relationship. What you learn from Zoe before you get married, most couples discover after years of marriage. The more you know about yourselves, the greater your success will be as a married couple. If you desire for one of the MWC officiants/ministers to serve as your Zoe advisor please notify us if you would like to use Zoescore. All that is needed to begin is emails for both bride and groom and MWC will register you with Zoescore. Zoescore charges $40.00 per couple. MWC offers an advisor service at an hourly session of $35.00. Your Zoescore advisor is a valuable resource in focusing and sharing with each couple the results of the feedback report. Each couple may determine the number of hourly sessions they desire. You may ask questions during our consultation time about Zoescore.


As mentioned before each ceremony should be unique and different. Some couples may really need a rehearsal and others may not. Some wedding venues require a rehearsal and have a wedding coordinator to help you with the rehearsal. I like to talk with each couple to find out if I or my rehearsal assistant is really needed. I can give you guidance about your rehearsal and suggest options for helping coordinate your rehearsal. I hate charging couples a rehearsal fee unless I or my assistant is really needed to help coordinate all of your rehearsal. Rehearsals are mainly necessary to coordinate the placement and the processional/recessional movement of the wedding party. If you do not have a large wedding party then you may not need a rehearsal. I offer to meet with each couple who desires to have a time to go over the actual ceremony with them in person or by phone without an additional fee.