Frequently Asked Questions

What steps do I take to book an MWC minister/officiant?

  1. Contact us by email or phone to check and see if we are still available for your ceremony date and time.
  2. Provide dates when you would be available for consultation meeting. Review what occurs at the consultation meeting under our SERVICES tab. Set date and time to meet to discuss your celebration.
  3. Once you have determined that you desire to book an MWC minister/officiant, secure your date and time on our calendar by paying your $100 retainer deposit. You may do this before or after consultation by mail or at consultation time together. Remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the ceremony date.  See PRICING tab for additional information.

What styles or types of ceremonies do you perform? 
MWC performs all types of ceremonies. Whether it's just the two of you or a large ceremony with hundreds of family and friends, we provide an enjoyable, relaxing, stress-free ceremony and celebration. Under our SERVICES tab you will see the styles or tones of ceremony we provide and officiate.  We have written ceremonies that are traditional and/or contemporary religious & semi-religious, contemporary non-religious, blended family, brief private & elopement, & civil.  Once we have had time to listen to your ceremony needs, we can offer you multiple choices that will fit both private and large wedding celebrations.

Do you allow couples to choose the kind of ceremony we want?
Absolutely! Couples are involved from the start in determining the style or tone of ceremony you desire. Our desire is to share with you the simple and stress-free resources and process we have created to help you create your own personal and unique ceremony. Provide you with multiple ceremonies in the style(s) you desire which allows you the freedom to pick and choose what you like for your ceremony. Give you multiple wedding vows and ring vows to help you create your own vows that reflect your personalities and what you desire to share with one another.  If you desire to write your own vows that is fine.  If you desire to include a symbolic act in your ceremony such as sand ceremony, unity candle, tying the knot, blessing of the hands, or whatever, we will provide you with those resources to consider.  If you find something else you want to include in your ceremony outside of the resources we provide, that is great. Our passion is to make for sure you have the ceremony you dreamed or envisioned for your celebration. After selecting what you really like and desire to have included in your ceremony, we will put it all together to create your flow and order for the ceremony.  Through the development process you will have unlimited access by email or phone to ask any question you may have.

Where can we have an elopement or private ceremony?
We can come to your location whether at a house, apartment, park, etc. This is an inexpensive ceremony during the day or evening, which is brief, romantic and memorable. Just the two of you (no witnesses required) or a few family and friends. Formal or casual from tux to blue jeans. Many couples go to the courthouse thinking it provides them with a fast, cheap, and easy ceremony.  Consider how non-romantic it may be to wait hours on a judge to have time to see you or tell you to come back tomorrow. For less hassle, time, and effort you can have an elopement or private ceremony that is much more enjoyable.

Does MWC require premarital counseling before wedding?
No, it is not required. Please review under our SERVICES tab what MWC offers for couples who do desire to obtain or partake in some premarital consulting. MWC ministers and officiants are approved Zoescore advisors.

Is it necessary for the minister/officiant to attend the rehearsal?
This is discussed under our SERVICES tab also. Each couple and ceremony is different so some may need us to attend their rehearsal and others it is not necessary. We like to talk with each couple to give guidance and suggestions concerning your rehearsal needs and reduce unnecessary rehearsal expenses.

What if minister/officiant is unable to perform ceremony due to an emergency?
This rarely happens, but in the event it does, MWC will provide an emergency officiant for your ceremony. All of us perform ceremonies using the same process & procedures, so all your ceremony notes, vows, & content will be given to new officiate in order to take care of you.

How do we obtain a marriage license?
Both of you must apply for a license at a county clerk's office in the state of Texas and are required to apply in person together. Your wedding license is good to be used in any county of Texas for your wedding ceremony. Check with your local county clerk office for their requirements but most will require each of you to present a valid form of identification. (Driver's license, State ID, Passport, Military ID, or certified birth certificate) The license is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and there is a 72 hour waiting period after the license is issued before the marriage ceremony can take place. That means you must apply and obtain your wedding license 72 hours before your wedding date and time. There are some exceptions to the waiting period so check with your county clerk office.  If divorced in Texas, there is a 30-day waiting period after the divorce is final before remarriage. You will need to pay for your wedding license when you apply.  Each county varies in cost but most are between $60 - $80 dollars. You will receive your wedding license immediately after you have completed forms and paid fees. You must have license with you and present it to the minister/officiant prior to wedding ceremony.