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Understanding the Style & Philosophy of Your Wedding Officiant


As an engaged couple, you will spend much time and money preparing for your wedding day. Often, overlooking the importance of choosing the right minister/officiant can jeopardize all of your efforts and financial investment. Because the officiant plays a crucial role in creating the tone and atmosphere for your wedding ceremony that carries over into the rest of the celebration, you need to choose an officiant who has the professionalism, experience, and personality to fulfill this responsibility.

When selecting your officiant, ask about his or her style and philosophy in performing a wedding ceremony. If you get a “blank stare” or a response such as “whatever you need me to be,” then that officiant does not already have his or her own style or philosophy.  Does this mean only one ceremonial philosophy is correct?  Absolutely not. But the officiant’s persona can be a style that is certainly not a good fit for you as a couple.

Celebratory Style & Philosophy

My style and philosophy has developed over 35 years of officiating weddings. I approach every wedding ceremony as a celebration, not a show or a production.  The ceremony is a celebration for the couple and their invited guests. Family and friends will witness the two exchange vows and participate in the festivity as they celebrate with the couple.

Focus: The Couple & Their Wishes

As the officiant, my role is to draw all the attention to the couple, not me. The ceremony is not a time for a sermon, personal reflections, or sharing more than what the couple desires for their ceremony.

Spirit: Friendly & Contagious

During the ceremony I want my spirit and attitude to become contagious to the couple, the wedding party, and the guests. I want to communicate and share with the couple, not preach or lecture them.  My message will always be about them and not a three-point sermon drawing the attention towards me.  My delivery is one in which guests assume I have known the couple for years.

Goal: Comfortable & Memorable

A wedding ceremony is not a time for a stand-up comedy routine, but if I sense the bride and groom getting nervous, I will offer a well-timed humorous comment that will cause them to laugh or giggle and relax. My role is to make sure this couple truly enjoys every minute of their ceremony so that the celebration is a memorable experience, not a stressful one.

While my style and philosophy may not be a match for every couple, those looking for officiant like me know clearly what they are getting and will not be surprised on their wedding day. I tell couples all the time that if you are looking for an unsmiling, serious black-robed officiant, you need to keep looking because that is not my personality or my style.

What Separates MWC from the Rest?

At Memorable Wedding Celebrations, we listen and assist you in designing your own ceremony that reflects your personalities and what you desire to share with one another. We provide professionalism along with a “feel good” memorable experience for each couple. We provide an enjoyable, relaxing, stress-free ceremony, whether it’s just the two of you or two hundred family and friends. We are experienced, upbeat, calming, and celebrative. In addition, we offer the following ceremonies: religious. semi-religious, contemporary, blended families, elopement, vow renewal.

Memorable Wedding Celebrations would treasure the chance to discuss how we can make your ceremony meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable. Please contact us at http://dfwweddingministerandofficiant.com/ for more information.