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Finding an Officiant Early: A Crucial Choice for Couples

As much as a year of planning can go in to preparing a wedding. Adding to the investment of time, the average couple in Texas spends upwards of $10,000 to host their special day. Despite all this effort and expense, too often brides and grooms fail to see the importance of choosing the right minister or officiant early in the process.

How early is early?

Couples should make choosing an officiant one of their first decisions—up to one year in advance of their wedding date. The officiant plays a crucial role in setting the tone and creating the atmosphere the couple desires for their wedding. Selecting someone who has the professionalism and personality to fulfill this responsibility should be of highest priority. Bringing in an expert for guidance and direction at the onset of the process will eliminate unnecessary anxiety–not only during the planning phases, but also as the entire celebration unfolds.

What assistance will the officiant offer?

Ceremony planning
Officiants should listen to the couple’s desires and assist them in designing a ceremony that reflects their unique personalities and what the bride and groom desire to share with one another. Professionals can guide couples in planning ceremonies that range from religious to semi-religious to contemporary. For blended family situations, they can counsel the couple in how to acknowledge and celebrate their past as they merge their futures. Professional officiants can advise the couple who prefer a small, private ceremony or plan to host hundreds family and friends. They can walk a couple through a civil ceremony or a vow renewal. And for couples who are unsure of what they want, the experienced officiant understands the questions to ask to help the couple determine what type of service is perfect for them.

Ceremony direction
The officiant is there to provide an enjoyable, relaxing, stress-free ceremony. Selecting an expert ensures that nothing is overlooked and that every piece of the wedding ceremony—from preparing the wedding party to the dismissal of the guests—unfolds smoothly. Given these responsibilities, determining who will be the officiant is too vital to be left to a last-minute decision.

How does Memorable Wedding Ceremonies provide these services?

MWC delivers professionalism during the planning and throughout the ceremony while also providing a “feel good,” memorable experience for each couple. Having 30 years of experience, we provide upbeat, calming, and celebrative assistance. MWC would be honored to be considered for your wedding celebration.

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